about us

What Is Mega Matrix?

Mega Matrix is an organisation that operates in the fields of:

  • Skill Development
  • Capacity Building
  • Research and Consulting (for industry as well as government)
  • CSR delivery and Advisory services

We believe in the future and working towards making it a more sustainable one. Our philosophy and our vision for the future is that it will be built on a balanced foundation of traditional values coupled with technological advancements and skills of the future. To that end, we promote an incubation model that works towards creating sustainable businesses with new ideas and technological intervention. Under this model, we promote partnerships and concepts like producer organisations, funding & mentoring sustainable business models by encouraging entrepreneurship among the youth.

Industry Engagement

Mega means excellence. We aspire to be the go-to organisation for in-house training assignments or related consulting assignments for the industry.

We consult industry on various projects under the Skilling initiatives of the government, and as a government recognised and empaneled organisation we also offer delivery of training for the industry.

Apart from the government programs, we also engage in setting up a training infrastructure for in-house requirements of the industry and bring in subject matter experts as well as processes needed for effective training delivery.

Government Projects

We partner with the government to deliver various State and Central projects under which we operationalise the various aspects of effective training delivery, leading to the employment of youth.

Our Training Achievements