Vineet Lall

Mega Matrix represents a network of excellence. We value the need for quality in everything we do. Whether it is projects that work towards leading to a sustainable outcome,

the implementation and application of products and services for the industry so it can grow in both the short and long term or market linkage and conceptualising solutions by engaging experts, we believe in making sure we deliver the best possible solutions and benefit businesses and individuals at every level.

We work across the board with renowned Government programmes such as “Skill India” and “Make in India” and are empaneled on the training and delivery programmes of several Central as well as State government ministries.

On the private sector side, we are particularly proud of products such as ‘Scorecard’, which is an online tool to identify skill gaps and create best in class training modules for teams to compete and grow.

Another very successful tool, we believe, is ‘Pulse’, a survey application, backed by qualified ‘feet on the street’ personnel who help collect primary data that can help decision making, fund de-ployment as well as monitoring. In addition to this, ‘LMS’ helps deliver content to various stake-holders.

We believe that only when businesses grow, new jobs are created and nations flourish.